Keemun Black Tea From China – Caffeine Content, Health Benefits, And Other Properties

Keemun is a kind of Chinese black tea, originating in Qimen county of Anhui Province, China. This article offers an summary of the caffeine content material, well being advantages, and different properties of Keemun.

Keemun is primarily produced in Anhui province, however teas on this fashion have additionally begun to be produced in close by Hubei, in addition to in Jiangxi, and even in Taiwan. Keemun is often described as having an earthy aroma, and its total character is kind of completely different from Indian and Ceylon teas. My private perspective is that Keemun has a richer, hotter high quality, typically harking back to dried fruit, and in increased grades, a lovely trace of wooden or wooden smoke. These teas are wealthy and full-bodied, and are amongst my favourite black teas.

Caffeine content material:

Although chances are you’ll be on the lookout for extra concrete data, it’s arduous to generalize concerning the caffeine content material of Keemun. Even although it originates primarily in a single area and shares sure features of manufacturing, Keemun is pretty numerous, coming in several grades. As a common rule although, Keemun is commonly within the reasonable to excessive finish of caffeine content material, amongst teas, which implies that it nonetheless has significantly much less caffeine than a typical cup of espresso. Keemun has traditionally been utilized in breakfast blends, the place strongly caffeinated teas have been desired

Health advantages:

Keemun has truly been the topic of direct scientific examine., in affiliation with weight reduction in animal research. There is simply a small quantity of analysis referring particularly to this number of tea, nevertheless, so most of what might be mentioned about Keemun have to be inferred from common research about black tea.

Although inexperienced tea has a stronger affiliation with supposed “health benefits” within the public consciousness within the United States, this affiliation could also be skewed by historic elements. Much of the early analysis on tea and well being was carried out in Japan, the place tea is synonymous with inexperienced tea. Subsequent analysis has discovered substantial proof that black tea is wholesome as properly. In the absence of extra reserach particularly Keemun, it appears cheap to conclude that Keemun is prone to have an identical amonut of well being advantages to black tea.

Locating excessive-high quality Keemun:

My suggestion, if you wish to purchase the most effective Keemun, is to purchase completely unfastened-leaf. My expertise is that the most effective Keemun is often bought by corporations focusing on Chinese tea. Because they retailer comparatively properly, Chinese black teas, even these of significantly prime quality, are usually comparatively cheap, with all however the highest grades (Keemun Hao Ya A and B, and Keemun Mao Feng) costing properly below $10 for about 1/four pound or about 100-125 grams. A number of corporations, together with Rishi Tea, Arbor Teas, and Little Red Cup, promote truthful commerce licensed Keemun, produced in Hubei, Anhui, and Jiangxi provinces, respectively.

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