Indian Laws and HIV/AIDS Patients

The Indian Law and HIV/AIDS Patients


One of the key challenges confronted by our nation is the HIV/AIDS. In India, about three million persons are presently affected by this epidemic. The illness can’t be cured utterly however there are specific measures that may be adopted for its prevention. Various legal guidelines have been enacted by the Parliament for the betterment of the HIV group, however nonetheless people who find themselves affected by this illness face discrimination at work place and appeared upon within the society. Despite daring initiatives and good intentions, hopeful guarantees and marketing campaign slogans, it is the epidemic which is wining.

This article represents the state of affairs/authorized standing of the Aids group whose members have been reluctantly drafted from each phase of the society.

What is AIDS?

Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) is the breakdown of the immune system. It is the ultimate stage of HIV an infection, the place extreme injury is completed to the immune system and results in deadly infections. South Africa has the most important inhabitants of HIV positives than another nation on this planet at 5.9 million. Africa alone accounts for the two/third of the deaths attributable to HIV and is house to almost three quarters of the youth dwelling with the illness. The main transmission of HIV is thru sexual activity, switch of contaminated blood, use of non sterile syringes and from an contaminated mom to her fetus.

International AIDS Society

The IAS was based in 1988 and is the most important affiliation of HIV professionals on this planet, with having 180 nations as its member. IAS members embody group practitioners, clinicians, program and coverage planners, and public well being and researchers.

International Conventions

In relation to HIV/AIDS, for the safety of the rights of those that are affected by HIV/AIDS, affected by it and those that are susceptible to it, India has signed plenty of treaties, declarations and agreements. The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, are the 2 main conventions that solely intention in the direction of the honest and unprejudiced remedy of those that are affected by the HIV.

Article 25(1) of UN Human Rights Declaration enshrines sure rights which entitle the HIV positives to the usual of satisfactory dwelling, medical care, help and needed and different essential/needed social providers.

Legal Provisions for HIV Positives in Indian legal guidelines

In India there isn’t any regulation that offers with all or almost all elements or parts of HIV/AIDS and protects the HIV positives from being discriminated by the society and to uplift the mark of shame related to this epidemic. The HIV/AIDS sufferers are conferred with the precise of equality of remedy by advantage of Article 14 of the Constitution of India. Likewise, Articles 15,16 and 21 shield the HIV positives from discrimination and present them proper to life and private liberty, making certain their proper to privateness. The state is directed to make sure that each one residents together with HIV positives are to be supplied with livelihood which is passable or acceptable in high quality or amount. It can be the obligation of the state to supply unbiased and tolerant working circumstances.

Article 47 of the Constitution of India assigns the state with the accountability for bettering the well being circumstances in its territory.

HIV/AIDS (Prevention and Control) Bill 2014

HIV/AIDS Bill is a collective resourcefulness of the civil society and the Government. The Bill particularly prohibits the unjust or prejudicial conduct in the direction of the HIV/AIDS sufferers in personal as nicely in public areas of exercise/curiosity in issues of schooling, healthcare, insurance coverage, property and residence, employment and journey, and so on. All the acts or omissions that are in precise or perceivable as inequitable come throughout the extent of this Act.

The Bill furnishes that the assent for HIV testing have to be decided, free and knowledgeable. It additional assures that HIV standing of the particular person will stay privileged and additionally furnishes the exceptions below which the data will be unfolded. It additionally thrusts an obligation on HIV/AIDS affected person for prevention of transmission of HIV virus by way of numerous means. The HIV/AIDS sufferers have been given a common and free entry to complete remedy for HIV/AIDS and additionally for its prevention, care and assist. The paramount focus of the Bill is upon the younger individuals and girls. It imposes a accountability upon the State to nominate IEC programmers that are which are primarily based on evidenced, sensitivity of gender, acceptable for age, not thought to be worthy of shame and non-discriminatory.

There is provision for appointment of well being ombudsmen in every district. The Bill additionally envisages provisions for inside complaints mechanisms. The vulnerability of youngsters, girls and different individuals in the direction of the epidemic, who’re within the custody of the State, attributable to numerous social, financial and different components is acknowledged by the Bill and subsequently they’re supplied with sure rights. The acknowledgement of the connection between HIV and sexual violence and provision for counseling is one other essential function of the invoice.

Human Immunodeficiency Virus and Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (Prevention and Control) Bill, 2010

The paramount goal or the focus of this act is to guard the HIV positives from being discriminated. This Act envisages penalties and penance for any discriminating act in opposition to the HIV positives. The propagation or publicizing of any info, which can unfold hatred in the direction of the HIV positives is punishable below this Act.

The Bill prohibits any group to make testing of HIV a precondition if an individual has utilized for employment, or is accessing well being care, public locations or for that matter, schooling. Moreover the Bill prohibits any group from dismissing any HIV optimistic, besides within the case the place there’s a written analysis from a certified well being skilled that the actual particular person poses the danger of transmission of the illness.

The Bill safeguards provision individuals beneath 18 years and lady of any age from being convicted, whereby could be entitled to dwell in a shared property.

The Bill strictly prohibits from conduction of forceful HIV check of any particular person. Informed consent of the particular person is a should. The check is required to be performed after due investigation of the professionals and cons of the check. An HIV/AIDS affected person can’t be subjected to medical remedy with out his consent.

Rights of HIV/AIDS Patients

The rights of HIV/AIDS sufferers as conferred by Indian legal guidelines are as follows:

1. Right to remedy

People affected by HIV/AIDS have the equal rights of remedy simply as another particular person affected by another ailment. Their proper to remedy and correct care can’t be detained on the bottom of their HIV optimistic standing. Any denial in the direction of the right remedy and due care of HIV positives will quantity to the act of discrimination. Various instructions have been issued by the Supreme Court of India for the freed from price remedy of HIV/AIDS to those that want it.

A matter the place a petition was filed by the husband of a pregnant woman, contaminated with HIV, as she was denied correct remedy from the hospital, the Hon’ble High Court of Delhi gave strict and rapid orders to the hospital for the right remedy and safety of well being and life the mom in addition to her fetus. Directions to rearrange blood from licensed blood banks, as required, was additionally given by the Hon’ble Court.

2. Confidentiality

Any one that has been distinguished to have HIV/AIDS has the precise to maintain their HIV/AIDS standing personal. There are plenty of holdings the place the Courts have given judgment within the favor of HIV positives. They are allowed to make use of pen names earlier than the Court as a way to disguise their identification.

The Supreme Court in Mr. X v. Hospital Z, impounded that anybody affected by this epidemic deserve full sympathy and respect simply as another human being. The denial of job alternatives to the HIV sufferers is unjust and illegal. It was additional held that though it’s the proper of the affected person to maintain his standing of HIV personal, the precise to confidentiality will be enforced within the conditions the place the affected person stands the danger of transmitting the illness to his/her partner.

three. Right in opposition to discrimination and Right to employment

The HIV positives, similar to another citizen of India, possess the precise in opposition to unjust and prejudiced remedy. They can’t be denied employment and can’t be dismissed from their present employment on the bottom that they’re HIV /AIDS sufferers.

Other Provisions

Apart from the laws and numerous Acts talked about above, there are specific different provisions enshrined within the Indian legal guidelines. The structure of India ensures the HIV sufferers with the precise of equality in article 14 and proper life and liberty in article 21. Some of the notable laws are: Indian Medical Council Act, 1956, Immoral Trafficking Prevention Act 1986. The National AIDS Control Organization has issued plenty of tips in opposition to the pre analysis of the staff suspected of HIV.


1. The Government ought to enact a laws which particularly prohibits and penalizes these public and personal corporations or organizations or workplaces who’re noticed to be displaying discriminatory conduct in the direction of the HIV/AIDS sufferers. It ought to impose heavy penalty if any agency is proved of the allegations of getting discrimination in the direction of the HIV positives.

2. Campaigns to unfold consciousness in regards to the rights of HIV positives have to be scheduled by the federal government every so often. Also numerous personal communities and Non-Governmental Organizations ought to be inspired to turn out to be part of the marketing campaign and attain out to the people who find themselves much less literate or dwell in distant areas.

three. A nationwide plan of motion is the present want of the standing of HIV positives in India. Laws might have been fashioned, laws might have been adopted, however nonetheless there’s a sense of untouchability among the many individuals in the direction of the HIV positives.


People dwelling with HIV /AIDS and individuals associated to them, should perceive the hyperlink between human rights and HIV/AIDS. Mere acknowledgement of the applications and insurance policies for the prevention and management of HIV/AIDS is just not sufficient. Subsequent finishing up of such a coverage is critical. The discrimination in the direction of the HIV positives itself is the destruction of the fundamental function of the Constitution i.e. violation of Article 14 of the Constitution of India. It is time that we cease treating HIV positives as untouchables and begin sympathizing in the direction of them. It is the dire want of the society that folks’s notion in the direction of the HIV group ought to be modified.

Policies alone can not work for his or her betterment if the society itself is the prey of a feudal mentality.

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